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About us

January 2021 Miroku retail business opening cost 440,000 yen.

Miroku annual sales of 6.24 million yen (2021)

Miroku annual sales of 24.94 million yen (2022)

Miroku annual sales of 36.09 million yen (2023)



Hello, dear everyone. My name is Miroku. Whether you already know me or not, please lend me your ears for a moment. I am currently running a personal business. I will likely start a company within the next four years. Before being Japanese, I am a citizen of Earth. Likewise, all of you, despite residing in different countries or regions, are also citizens of Earth. Why do we, being fellow Earthlings, engage in conflicts? This deeply saddens me.

I do not and will never discriminate based on nationality, region, race, various disabilities one might have, ideology, or religion. This is because all humans are equal. Once I start my company, I plan to embark on a project that big tech companies (GAFAM) will not be able to keep pace with for all eternity. And undoubtedly, there will emerge organizations or groups that will threaten my life. However, I will not fear them, and even if I were to lose my life, a second and third Miroku will emerge – I will leave out the details.

The only thing I wish for is your heartfelt smiles and happiness. Just this. For this, I would like to ask for your assistance. Those who support my project, I humbly ask you to spread this video. As I conclude, I thank you very much for listening to me thus far. May there be blessings in your present and future.


Urban Development

Infrastructure Development

Aerospace Industry
Innovation in all technologies

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